Gouged Rosewood Desk

George Nelson For Herman Miller Executive Desk

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Rosewood George Nelson For Herman Miller Executive Desk Repair

A massive gouge on the side of the desk to be repaired.  I filled it with epoxy putty, leveled and smoothed, and grain cut the area.  The desk was then touched up to blend in the repaired area. read more

Modern Mahogany Table Repair

Modern Lacquered Mahogany Table Restoration

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Modern Custom Designed High Polish Finish Mahogany & Black Lacquer Entry Table

Client letter:

“I bought a modern table at a consignment store in Palm Springs and noticed that the sides were warping, and called Mark at Museum Quality to see if it could be fixed.  He met me at the consignment store and told me he could fix it.   read more

Repaired Han Dynasty Horse

Western Han Dynasty Horse – Xian – 200 BC to 16 AD

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Western Han Dynasty Horse Statue -Xian – 200 BC to 16 AD.
Terra Cotta, 2,200 Years Old.

This antique Chinese statue of a horse was badly damaged in shipping – the back legs and the rider broke off.  I glued and repaired the broken legs and body, then filled, smoothed, and touched up the repairs. read more

Antique Carved Clock Repair

Carved Camelot Clock Repair

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Antique Clock from the Camelot Theater of Palm Springs

This antique clock was badly broken and needed to be re-assembled from many intricate carved pieces, then touched up afterwards to blend in the repairs.  The clock now hangs in the Camelot Theater of Palm Springs.   read more

Restored Oriental Jewelry Box

Oriental Jewelry Box Repaired & Restored

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Oriental Jewelry Box Repaired and Original Finish Restored

Please click on the images and expand, then scroll through using arrows at side.

read more

Chinese Screen 06

Cleaning an Oriental Screen

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This Chinese screen needed cleaning and refreshing.

Here is the image gallery of the work, please click on the images to expand and scroll through with the arrows at the side.

Oriental Warrior Chest Repair

Oriental Warrior Chest

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Oriental Warrior Chest With Decorative Brass.

A full restoration: repaired from worm and beetle damage, and restored finish.  Here is an extract from the Angie’s List Review left by the client (See screenshot of the full review at bottom of page):

“he completely restored a Chinese antique chest (more than 300 years old) that had termite damage, structural weakness and severe damage to metal scrolling plus other issues… The Chinese cabinet work was truly “museum quality”.   read more

Chinese Rosewood Sitting Table

Chinese Rosewood Sitting Table

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Chinese Rosewood Sitting Table Restoration

The top of this table was loose and the finish was damaged.  The table had to be taken completely apart, joints cleaned and re-glued, reassembled, and then the original finish restored. read more

Chinese Rosewood Nest Tables

Chinese Rosewood Carved Nest Tables

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A Set of Chinese Rosewood Carved Nest Tables

Re-glued & Original Finish Restored read more

Furniture Repair. Antique Restoration.

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Restored 18th Century Clock

Restored 18th Century Clock

18th Century Eurpean ClockBefore: 18th Century European Clock


Trunk Restored and Lined with Cedar By Museum Quality

Restoration of an antique trunk (chest).  This trunk was stripped of old paint and the wooden finish was restored.  A new cedar lining was also fitted – cedar wood is repellant to moths and the new lining would make the trunk a perfect storage chest for heirloom textile items such as linens and woolens.  Please click through the gallery below, larger images will appear when thumbnails are clicked.